Master degree in Urban Innovation – IUVTT

Master Degree in Urban Innovation – IUVTT (Urban Innovation for Cities & Territories in Transformation)

The ecological transition, the changing lifestyles, the changes in mobility, the digital revolution, citizens’ commitments and new consumption patterns illustrate the changes in our societies and territories.

Accessible in the second year of Master, this degree aims to train in project management in complex environments applied to territories undergoing global transformations. It focuses on approaches and practices that open up and facilitate the emergence of innovative solutions adapted to the multiple current challenges of territorial development. Taking into account the user and societal acceptability will be both an essential dimension of enrichment and a tool for dialogue for increasingly collaborative practices.

The Urban Innovation for Cities & Territories in Transformation programme trains « integrator » project managers capable of managing and supporting these transformations while respecting the quality of life, citizenship and the environment.
Fundamental of Innovation 48h Innovation Enginering, Innovation Enginering of Territories
System Engineering

Cities territory


48h Territorial Diagnosis and Prospecting, Ecosystem Territorial Planning, Urban Planning Territories in transformation
Human and societal ecology 48h Urban uses and projects, Human biotope, From participation to enpowerment
Beeing actor of his project 16h  


The skills of the Project Manager, Identity Development, Developing your portfolio

Urban innovation workshop 60h Innovation Project
Research seminary : observation of the territory


12h Seminary
Get involved in your portfolio 30h Develop your professional network, Formalize your portfolio, Practitioner-researcher meetings and seminars


Paradigms and innovation research methodology 30h Methodology of research applied to innovation, Scientific writing and publications workshop


Internship Master thesis ( professional or research)

They are carried out in collaboration with companies, institutions and territories, the IAU brings together several Master’s specialities and offers an original ground for :

  • Learning to combine expertise
  • Knowing how to articulate the different scales and temporalities of the territory
  • Developing an intervention strategy in a territory in conjunction with its stakeholders
  • To mobilise the resources of this territory and to rely on its dynamics to build a sustainable and shared project.

They consist in inviting experts from the Territory to ask the main questions at stake such as :

  • Understanding the challenges of the energy transition and its consequences on mobility and ways of living.
  • Understanding the announced changes in society
  • Detecting changes in lifestyles and consumption patterns and their impact on service areas

Divided according to six main themes of in-depth study, which bring :

  • An understanding of changes in urban and rural territories
  • A knowledge of the city’s manufacturing tools, the territory and their services
  • Identifying new sources of transformation for the cities of tomorrow
  • A critical look at contemporary urban tools, practices and issues.

The last semester is entirely devoted to a six month professional mission (private consulting firms, institutions, local authorities, companies involved in the territories, etc.). The entire course is punctuated by the discovery of trades and the construction of the professional project.

An 6 months internship is compulsory during the course of the training which will result in a master’s thesis (professional or Research).
At the end of the course, students will have access to management positions such as :

  • Engineer, project manager or project manager in the sectors of mobility, housing and public space, energy, health/well-being, digital services…
  • As an integrator and pilot of collaborative innovation processes,
  • Urban engineering project manager,
  • Project manager in development and urban planning,
  • Responsible for development and territorial marketing,