Engineering degree

Systems Engineering and Innovation

An engineer is a high-level executive with a solid scientific background and also technical, socio-economic, environmental and human knowledge, able to carry out projects and to lead teams.

The ENSGSI offers a 3 year course of study based on a train project managers in the management of innovative projects.

The ENSGSI engineering training course is designed to train generalist, creative, enterprising and entrepreneurial engineers, in charge of high-level functions in scientific, technical and economic activities related to innovation, complex project engineering and industrial engineering. Students trained in this way will be able to design and pilot new innovative systems, for example as the right-hand man of SME/SMI managers or as the head of units in large companies.

1st Year Engineering  – SEMESTER 5


25h Creativity
 Material Engineering 58h Materials, microstructures and property

Mechanical Energetics Engineering

62h Heat and mass transfer, energy mechanics
Process Engineering 24h Reaction engineering – reactors
Entrepreneurship Management 20h Economics
Systems Engineering 59h Functional analysis and modelling, introduction to the system approach,  information systems

Professional and Personal Project

54h Sport management seminar, meeting and conflict management techniques, non-verbal communication, team management

Mathematics et Modelisation for the Engineer

18h Information analysis and processing
Industrial Engineering 39h Project management, functional specifications – Value analysis

Sustainable Development/ Quality

23h Problems solving tools
Foreign Languages 61h Foreign languages, self-learning

Projects and Industrial Internship

62h Industrial Project

1st Year Engineering  – SEMESTER 6

Conception/Innovation 71h Innovation, Mechanical Conception/CAD

Mechanical  Energetics Engineering

67h Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics
Process Engineering 16h Practical Works : Chemical engineering
 Material Engineering 58h Practical Works : Materials, microstructures and property

Entrepreneurship Management

47h Financial Techniques, entrepreneurship  simulation

Management, Professional and Personal Project

49h Ethics of the engineer, non-verbal communication, team management, science, technology and society.

Mathematics and Modelisation for the Engineer

56h Statistical tools, modelling and scientific calculation
Foreign Languages 60h Foreign languages, self-learning

Projects and Industrial Internship

62h Industrial Project


Conception/Innovation 114h Innovation engineering, Marketing of innovation, Design Thinking, strategic analysis
Process Engineering 30h Mechanical unit operations applied to technological innovation, Process design
Material Engineering 24h Material-process interactions
Systems Engineering 36h Control of continuous linear systems, discrete event system models
Sustainable Development/ Quality 74h Risk Prevention – Single Document, Dashboards, Quality and Environmental Management
Professional and Personal Project
35h Team management, Assessment of potential through simulation, Non-verbal communication, Self-knowledge and professional project
Mathematics et Modelisation for the Engineer 32h Making decision methods
Foreign languages 44h Foreign languages, self-learning
Projects and Industrial Internship 28h Industrial Project


Conception/Innovation 38h Management of technological resources
Process Engineering 8h  Practical Works : Process engineering
Material Engineering 23h Degradation and protection, material-process interactions
Mechanical and Energetics Engineering 23h Vibrations
Systems Engineering 32h Modeling of business elements in systems engineering,
Industrial Engineering 25h Agile methods and SCRUM project management
Lean 6 sigma
Entrepreneurship Management 21h Cost analysis / choice of investments
Professional and Personal Project
88h engineer ethics,self-knowledge and professional project
Foreign languages 44h Foreign languages, self-learning
Industrial Projects and Mission 28h Industrial Project
Conception/Innovation 203h Business Plan, Managing Innovative Projects in Complex Environments, Innovative Business Management Practices, Knowledge Engineering And Web Intelligence, Open Innovation And International Collaborations, Agile & Design Thinking
Systems Engineering 57h System Engineering of an Innovation Project, Information and Knowledge Methods and Tools
Industrial Engineeering 244h Law, Eco-Innovation, Doctorate for Industry, Logistics and Industrial Management Apics, Simulation And International Project Management, Doctorate for Industry, Simulation And International Project Management, Lean 6 Sigma Avances
Supply Chain/Purchasing
Project Cost Estimates/Innovation Financing
Sustainable development and Quality 51h Sustainable Development and Societal Responsibilities of Organizations, Prevention of Occupational Risks,  Module O3
Professional et Personal Project
96h  Techniques Of Evaluation, Management And Decision Making, Professional And Personal Project
Foreign languages 79h Foreign languages, self-learning
Industrial Projects and Mission 6 mois Industrial Mission (end of studies internship)
Two industrial projects are requird during the Engineering course :

  • An Industrial Project in 1st Year Engineer in team, supervised by a company tutor and an educational tutor.
  • An Industrial Project in 2nd Year Engineer in team, supervised by a company tutor and an educational tutor.
  • An Industrial Mission in 3rd Year Engineer for 6 months in a company.
ENSGSI engineers apply their skills as method engineers, project managers, product managers, innovation consultants, business engineers, quality engineers…

They work in large public or private companies as well as in small and medium sized businesses in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors:

  • Industry and transport (automotive, aeronautics, transport equipment)
  • Consulting company
  • Chemical, pharmaceutical and parasi-chemical industries
  • Computer services (SSII), Software publishers
  • Tertiary sectors
  • Construction, Civil Engineering, Building, Public Works
  • Commerce – Large-scale distribution
  • Food processing industries
  • Extraction, energy (excluding chemicals), …
  • Other industrial sectors