Sciences + creativity : 2 driving forces !

ENSGSI‘s unique educational approach focuses on science and technology, as well as human and managerial skills. This is true in both the preparatory course and the engineering course where logic and creativity both play an important role – a winning educational mix for future engineers who can hit the ground running, and also have a high development potential.

To reflect this richness, ENSGSI’s teaching philosophy places the individual at the heart of the system. By helping students to become more self-aware and express their differences and values, whilist at the same time developing their open-mindedness, the Management – Personal and Professional Development team aims to train future engineer-managers who are ethically responsible.

When different makes sense :

ENSGSI is a different type of Engineering School. This difference stems from both its capacity for innovation and its spirit of openness – two key advantages at a time when, in a constantly changing world, future career paths have to be anticipated.

The keys to supervised self-directed learning :

Student engineers come here to learn… how to learn. An active process that departs from traditional teaching practices so that all students can develop their own professional career paths: lectures and classes are gradually replaced by meetings with a learning advisor and small group work.

Coaching rather than training :

ENSGSI does not simply train engineers… It prepares them for the future by focusing on active learning and a strong scientific education, certain that the shortest path to success also depends on personal development. This is a unique, career-orientated approach where individual coaching and self-directed learning provide students with the support they need to forge their own  professional project.

The ENSGSI offers to its foreign students the opportunity to integrate :