Prepare your arrival !

Prepare your coming at ENSGSI !

Welcome days

Every year, Université de Lorraine organizes an informational event for international students in order to give practical information about campus facilities and university procedures.

Discover the city of Nancy !

Its cult places :

Nancy is known for its cult places such as :

  • La place Stanislas,
  • La place de la Carrière,
  • La Vieille Ville,
  • Le Palais du gouvernement,
  • Place d’Alliance,
  • Le palais Ducal,
  • La porte de la Craffe,

Its parks :

Nancy also has many parks:

  • La pépinière, le plus connu
  • Parc Sainte Marie
  • Parc Blondlot
  • Parc Orly
  • Parc Charles III

Its museums :

There are several famous museums in Nancy :

  • Le Musée des Beaux Art,
  • Le Musée Lorrain,
  • Le Musée de l’école de Nancy
  • L’Aquarium et le musée d’histoire naturel de Nancy
  • Le musée du fer

Its concert halls, theater and cinemas :

Nancy also has a concert hall, the Other Canal and the Zenith.
Nancy’s opera, theater company, etc.
As well as cinemas, UGC, Kinepolis, Caméo…..

You will find below, the list of accommodation available in Nancy for your stay :

A furnished studio in a private residence

  • Les Estudines Stanislas
    48 avenue du XXème Corps – 54000 NANCY
    Tél. : 03 83 35 84 55
  • Les Estudines Saint-Dizier
    11 rue Saint-Jean – 54000 NANCY
    Tél. : 03 83 39 67 67
  • Résidence les Grands Moulins
    45 rue de Château Salins
    Tél : 03 83 54 32 67
  • Espace 88
    29 rue Henri Bazin 54000 NANCY
    Johanna BAPTISTA : 03 83 17 65 53 /
    7 rue de l’armée Patton – 54000 NANCY
    Tél :
  • L’Espérance (IKA TRANSACTION)
    104 avenue Emile Zola – 54520 LAXOU
    Tél :
    122 Quai Claude Le Lorrain – 54000 NANCY
    Tél :
  • Pythagore (LA GESTION ACTIVE)
    30-32 rue de Metz – 54000 NANCY
    Tél :
  • Emile Gallé
    3 Avenue du Général Leclerc – 54000 NANCY
    Tél :
    150-152, Avenue du Général Leclerc à Vandoeuvre : 03 83 25 26 26 /

A furnished room in a state-owned university residence (CROUS)

  • The CROUS (Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires) manages 12 university residences (more than 5,600 units ranging from single rooms to studios) as well as about 200 low-cost housing units.
    Note: the facilities vary according to the residence … Generally, all the traditional university residences offer work, meeting or relaxation rooms (TV, …) and have a cafeteria for breakfast.

Private housing (apartment)

Shared room

  • Many students decide to opt for a roommate.
    Bubbleflat est une plateforme entièrement dédiée à la colocation.
Food services
The ENSGSI has a CROUS restaurant less than 300 meters away which offers students a complete, varied and balanced meal, morning, noon and evening for 3.25€.

« Les Restos U » nearby :

  • Stanislas-Meurthe, 3 boulevard d’Austrasie 54000 NANCY Tel. 03 83 19 21 43
  • Cours Léopold, 16 Cours Léopold 54000 NANCY Tel. 03 83 32 70 60
  • Restaurants et snacking :
As the ENSGSI is located in the heart of downtown Nancy, several fast food offers and restaurants are close to the students.
Sports activities

With the SUAPS, (Service of University dedicated to Physical and Sports Activities) more than 50 sports activities are accessible to you such as swimming, climbing, badminton, dance, weight training, yoga, etc…
The BDS, the sports association of the ENSGSI will also help you with all your administrative registration procedures.

Coming to study in France requires completing several administrative formalities before departure and upon arrival. These steps are very important and condition the departure.

  • Necessary documents for non-European Union students: Passport valid for the entire duration of the stay Long-stay visa bearing the mention « student ».
  • Necessary documents for students from the European Union: : Valid identity card or passport

Steps to take upon arrival in France

  • Confirm registration in the institution
  • Ask for a residence permit (free of charge and valid for one year before the 8th day after arrival at the Nancy police station (foreigners’ department).
  • or through the Student Info Center: One-Stop-Shop
  • Obligation of financial resources – An official minimum of financial resources is set at 396.37€ / month to be able to carry out all or part of his studies in France. Registration on Campus France.