The ENSGSI is different by the wide diversity of clubs and associations. These activities enable everyone to participate according to their affinities and sensitivities to a rich social life.

The Council of Student Life (CVIE - Conseil de la vie étudiante)

Following a joint reflection carried out between the students and the management about the accountability of everyone in the school life and its various events, a new instance was created in January 2009, the Council of Student Life.
Composed of the management team and students with responsibility in the school (delegates of promotion, BDE, elected members of the School Council, leaders of clubs and associations), the CVIE is available as a space for dialogue, dialogue, reflection and proposals about student life in and out of school: teaching, planning parties / events, event planning, and use of local equipment, development of students involved in decision-responsibility …
First concrete action resulting from this initiative: the drafting and signing of a Charter of premises usage.
It aims at regulate the organization of events and parties within the school.

BDE - Bureau des étudiants (students’ office)

Excellent vector of integration, the Student’s Office aims at boosting exchanges and creates bonds of friendship and mutual assistance among the various promotions. Its goal is also to ensure the link between the various associations of the school, to organize and supervise all activities and other student events.

BDA - Bureau Des Arts (Arts Office)
The association offers activities such as painting, sculpture, poetry, literature and photography and gives everyone the opportunity to express and develop their artistic skills and even exhibit his work.
BDS - Bureau des Sports (Sports Office)
The BDS is the sports association of the school. It deals with all sports within the school but also with sports events outside the school in which you can participate throughout the year! You can join the soccer, rugby, basketball and handball teams whatever your level! Everyone is accepted!
The GSI’Anim is the sound and light association of the school.
It mixes during the evenings. The association also participates in other events in bars and clubs in Nancy. It also offers its services for student events throughout the Grand Est. It has already hosted BDE campaign evenings for INSA Strasbourg, the Lorraine INP sports tournament, the Music Festival in Nancy, the 24h of Stan, and many others…
Gala GSI
The GSI gala is the association in charge of organizing this prestigious event!
Best Nancy
BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is an association for contacts and activities between engineering students from all over Europe and includes 63 technological universities in 20 countries.
BEST is represented by  ENSGSI students from Nancy who have the ambition to open this association to all  engineering schools of the University of Lorraine which also provides financial support. Each year in July, the association organizes a « summer course » seminar during two weeks that offers courses and cultural and recreational activities.
GSI Media
GSI Media is the school’s audiovisual association. Numerous students, experts or amateurs, come together to share their passions.

The association organizes photo and video trainings, CV photo shootings, photo contests and other activities in the school.

Throughout the year, the media members carry out professional contracts with companies or individuals (company videos, conferences, etc.) in order to provide an ideal learning environment for the school by purchasing equipment or investing in student projects. If you are interested in photography, video and graphic design, GSI Media is the association that will allow you to develop new knowledge and live unforgettable moments with people of all kinds.

TSIKY’GSI brings together students from ENSGSI a common purpose: to enable them to participate to humanitarian action.
They provide timely humanitarian action throughout the year (blood donation …) and they organize a humanitarian trip.
La Kfêt, the nerve center of the school’s student life, will welcome you every day and for all occasions.
Whether it’s lunchtime for lunch, the evening after class, or the next morning for a full-bodied coffee, our team of about twenty members (which you can join!) will be there to serve you.
That’s not all, the Kfêt organizes many events such as the Kfêt cinema, theme evenings and you will also find us in most of the GSI events.
Les Pompoms – Cheerleading club
Want to support your school in the biggest student events of the year while shaking your dream body? Join the GSI Pompoms! With one or two repetitions a week, you’ll have the opportunity to perform cool group choreography and acrobatics!
Whether you’re a girl or a boy, the choreographies are suitable for all levels.
24 Stan / Aquacité
Held every two years, alternating with Aquacité, the 24 hours Stan have become a student event attracting teams from Nancy, from the regionLorraine and abroad. The goal of this concourse is to  is turn around the Place de la Carrière for 24 hours with tanks built by students on a theme set by the organizers.
CCE : Course Croisière EDHEC
The EDHEC Cruise Race, Europe’s largest student sports event, attracts thousands of students from all over the world every year who come to participate in the three trophies on offer (Land, Sea, Sand).
The objective is to prepare the logistics for this week and to raise a maximum of funds to enable all those who wish to participate in this event to do so, without financial barriers. To do this, various actions are carried out with the help of the participants such as the organization of parties, the sale of breakfast or the search for subsidies.
GSIEN market

When you are a student, you don’t have a penny to spare and you need to save money, the GSIEN market is there to make you buy smart.
Join the association in a friendly atmosphere to buy local and seasonal products!

The GSILab association gives its members access to the Lorraine Fab Living Lab®.
In this space, students can learn how to use technologies allowing prototyping such as laser cutters, 3D printers, a plastic injection press and even try 3D immersion thanks to virtual reality helmets.
The RPGSI is an association that aims to provide entertainment for students in the game in all its forms: video games, role-playing games, board games, card games …