The Council of Student Life (CVIE)  (Conseil de la vie étudiante)

Following a joint reflection carried out between the students and the management about the accountability of everyone in the school life and its various events, a new instance was created in January 2009, the Council of Student Life.
Composed of the management team and students with responsibility in the school (delegates of promotion, BDE, elected members of the School Council, leaders of clubs and associations), the CVIE is available as a space for dialogue, dialogue, reflection and proposals about student life in and out of school: teaching, planning parties / events, event planning, and use of local equipment, development of students involved in decision-responsibility …
First concrete action resulting from this initiative: the drafting and signing of a Charter of premises’using.

It aims at regulate the organization of events and parties within the school.

BDE ( students’office) and Associations

Excellent vector of integration, the Student Union aims at boosting exchanges and creates bonds of friendship and mutual assistance among the various promotions. Its goal is also to ensure the link between the various associations of the school, to organize and supervise all activities and other student events.

The ENSGSI is different by the wide diversity of clubs and associations. These activities enable everyone to participate according to their affinities and sensitivities to a rich social life.

Main associations

BDA (Bureau Des Arts)

The association offers activities such as painting, sculpture, poetry, literature and photography and gives everyone the opportunity to express and develop their artistic skills and even exhibit his work.


BDS (Sports Office)

This association enables engineer students to access the sixty free sports offered by the SIUAP (Service Interuniversity Sports and Physical Activities), but also to university competitions FFSU (French University Sports Federation). In 2003, teams of Basketball and Rugby ENSGSI finished 3rd at the regional championship.

Best Nancy

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is an association for contacts and activities between engineering students from all over Europe and includes 63 technological universities in 20 countries.
BEST is represented by  ENSGSI students from Nancy who have the ambition to open this association to all  engineering schools of the University of Lorraine which also provides financial support. Each year in July, the association organizes a « summer course » seminar during two weeks that offers courses and cultural and recreational activities.

Wine Tasting Club

This club allows you to discover or rediscover the great vintages like little grapes. Organization of parties, tastings, …

GSI Media

This is the eye of the ENSGSI. This association takes  pictures of all activities that happen within the school and carried out with great humor numerous reports including the  school TV show . GSI Media provides the opportunity to develop skills in audio-visual techniques.

GSI Event

A Team is responsible of organizing the first big event of the year: the Gala ENSGSI. In the same time than the graduation of students, this evening enables former and new promotions to celebrate together but also to meet industrial partners and to have contact with teachers.


TSIKY’GSI brings together students from ENSGSI a common purpose: to enable them to participate to humanitarian action.
They provide timely humanitarian action throughout the year (blood donation …) and they organize a humanitarian trip.


Managed by students of all promotions, the cafeteria is the base of student life! As  a convivial place, K’Fet offers different services (drinks and snacks, games loan) and plays music with the help of BDE.


Created by the students of ENSGSI, the EEIGM (European School of Engineering in Materials Engineering) and ENSArchistecture Nancy, the association aims to encourage and support the practice of circus arts traditional African percussion. The quality of its services has enabled to produce the Nancy Jazz Pulsations (NJP), the music festival or the European Convention juggling in Rotterdam.

24 Stan / Aquacité

Held every two years, alternating with Aquacité, the 24 hours Stan have become a student event attracting teams from Nancy, from the regionLorraine and abroad. The goal of this concourse is to  is turn around the Place de la Carrière for 24 hours with tanks built by students on a theme set by the organizers.