ERPI – Research lab

ERPI – (Research team on innovation process)

The ERPI (Research team on innovation process) is one of the University of Lorraine research labs. It is labeled as such by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. ERPI is a founding member of the Jacques Villermaux Federation and linked to the EMPP scientific axis. ERPI has an historical link with the ENSGSI.

ERPI's introdcution
ERPI is a research team on Industrial Engineering specialized on the research of innovation processes management. Its activities encompass the methods, tools and knowledges allowing to optimise innovation projects management.
The scientific project of the ERPI deals with the Fuzzy Front-End off innovation that is to say from idea generation to materialization (CAD, formulation …). ERPI differs to other innovation research laboratories by considering the product as a “integrating system”.
Research subjects
The projects of the ERPI laboratory are related to four main research fields :
  • Innovation metrology
  • Prospective & Weak signals
  • Design support in front end
  • Acceptability