The School

ENSGSI: The school of innovation dedicated to business…

The University of Lorraine Industrial Engineering School.

The ENSGSI is a French National Engineering School, part of the Université de Lorraine and member of the « Conference des Grandes Écoles de France ». The School was created in 1993 following original research work to develop a professional skills framework in close collaboration with industry.

Designed around these professional standards, the undergraduate program (3 or 5 years) aims to train engineers with expertise in conducting complex industrial projects and implementing innovation processes in companies.

The permanent link between the school and industry, coupled with a growing number of international partnerships (five double degree programmes and numerous international agreements) enables our graduates to integrate a wide variety of professions in small and medium size enterprises, high-tech companies and multinational groups in France or abroad.

The ENSGSI is the first school in France and in Europe to be accredited in Management of Technology by the International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT) whose goal is to promote and develop excellence in training in the field of management of technology.

Bringing together science and creativity, learning by doing and a participative pedagogy in an interdisciplinary context, the ENSGSI programme is focused on innovation engineering. This complex process is defined as the set of stages needed to create new products or services (from the emergence of ideas, prototyping, market definition through to industrial strategy). This process is supported by different tools and facilities located in dedicated advanced technological platforms.

Furthermore, the ENSGSI has developed many pedagogical tools and original teaching methodologies: individual student coaching, Managerial skills assessment course®, Innovation and Transfer Workshops®, 48 hours for sparking an idea ®, InnoPME® SME development programme (, some of which are now being deployed in the Lorraine region, in France and even abroad. Students apply the skills and knowledge they have gained to year-long industrial projects and in a final end of studies industrial internship.

Beyond its original purpose of providing high-level professional training for students, the ENSGSI aims to be a major partner for economic development in the Lorraine region through 2 strategic support initiatives:

Training: providing strong support to companies through industrial projects and student internships together with the development of dedicated teaching modules providing direct gains to business partners.

Research: ERPI ( Équipe de Recherche sur les Processus Innovatifs) ( Research team on innovative processes EA 3767) is the ENSGSI’s research laboratory which also holds the PRINCIP innovation research chair dedicated to studying the ability to innovate in small and medium enterprises.