Since its creation, The ENSGSI has set up specific pedagogy whose vocation is to train open, creative and enterprising generalist engineers who are very specific.

In particular thanks to the « Référentiel Emploi Compétence », a job skills framework, result of a school-business partnership. It was indeed elaborated in response to the needs of companies, to be then validated by professionals, researchers, teachers and students. It highlights the knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills that the school’s engineering students must develop throughout their studies.

From scientific skills to team management...
Developing innovative projects requires multiple areas of expertise that are essential to be able to combine.
    • Knowledge Interaction : The scientific culture of the ENSGSI engineer enable him to interact with experts on multiple trades related to technology, materials, marketing, law ….
    • Human Interaction : The large space given to personal development in the training of ENSGSI engineers gives them the keys to understand themselves and know how to adapt within a team.
From technical conception to innovation engineering....
To innovate is to be able to develop novelty. Project management and technical conception are part of the skills of ENSGSI engineers.

ENSGSI engineers also know how to integrate innovation in their development: acting in an uncertain context, piloting innovation, evolving in a multi-stakeholder environment…

From the knowledge of the company to the development of its capacity to innovate...

Supporting innovation within an organization requires a solid understanding of how it works.

The ENSGSI Engineer is trained on many topics that ensure the performance of organizations: QSE, Lean Management, Marketing, finance …

The expertise developed in innovation management of the ENSGSI engineer can be combined with these approaches to enable the development of sustainable innovative organizations.

Experiencing professional situation...
    • Industrial Projects : A team of 4 to 5 students in 1st and 2nd year of engineering cycle works 1 day per week on a real company case, in connection with the development of innovation, whether it is the development of a project or the implementation of an innovation management system. Supervised by an educational tutor and a company tutor, they apply their knowledge to a concrete case in order to meet both industrial and educational objectives.
    • Industrial mission : 6-month end-of-study internship, to participate in the development of innovation within a company by bringing a fresh perspective, tools and methods specific to innovation.
    • « 48 hours to bring ideas to life » : A must-attend event for more than 20 years, the « 48 hours to bring ideas to life » program created by the ENSGSI is a creativity challenge. For 2.5 days, more than 1,000 students in France and abroad, from all disciplines and levels, compete in groups of 10, in a spirit of cooperation and openness, to address real business issues.
      At the end of the 48 hours of intensive work, each group presents to a jury of experts, 2 concepts of product or service put into use to promote the relevance of the defended solutions.
    • « 72 hours to innovate in AGILE mode » : Event during which 100 students work for 72 hours to propose concrete solutions to problems submitted by companies.
      By applying Agile and SCRUM methods, they perform sprints every half-day and present the results of their progress. The global solution takes shape during the 3 days.
      Students benefit from technical facilities and software to realize physical or digital prototypes within the Lorraine Fab Living Lab®.