International recognition

The ENSGSI is the first school in Europe to be accredited by the label MOT « Management of Technology ».




This accreditation is delivered by the International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT) which aims at promoting and developing excellence training in the field of Management of Technology. So far, only three american universities have been accredited for 6 years. The ENSGSI is the first European and French engineering school whose teaching and training are internationally recognized!

The benefits of the accreditation MOT

This accreditation assures ENSGSI recognition within the IAMOT community and international networks and it is also:

  •   The recognition of a training on Innovation and Management of Technology
  •  Better exchanges and partnerships with universities in France and especially abroad
  • Continuous improvement of the cursus and teaching practices due to the belonging to IAMOT network (benchmarking, research programs, collaborative platforms, common projects …)
  • More applicants and better recruitment of students and PHD students at national and international scale.


For the students :

  • An additional factor of attractiveness for the school ENSGSI
  •  The recognition of our program and our degree on national and international levels
  • a better employability of graduates, especially for international carriers.

It is also a reward for ENSGSI which has continued since its creation in 1993, to claim its specific features and his values. The management of technology is primarily a matter of humanity and convictions …


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